Wikipedia ruled by “Lord of Universe”
Critics of Wikipedia have often questioned the credibility of the on-line encyclopedia as a reliable resource for objective information.

Wikipedia’s disclaimer warns, “Please be advised that nothing found here has necessarily been reviewed by people with the expertise required to provide you with complete, accurate or reliable information.”

Therefore the disclaimer concludes, “Wikipedia cannot guarantee the validity of the information found here.” And this statement does appear in bold black type.

Now it seems Wikipedia participants cannot even rely upon its editors to remain neutral and that some may have come to the on-line encyclopedia with an agenda. Well, you must read what The Register has found out:

Think of it as Wikipedia’s police department hotline. The "encyclopedia anyone can edit" includes a page where you can instantly alert the site’s brain trust to foul play. It’s called the "Conflict of Interest Noticeboard." If you suspect someone has rigged the system, using the encyclopedia to push their own agenda, this is where you turn.

But there's a catch. One of the site’s leading administrators bears an extreme conflict of interest, but you can’t expose him from the Conflict of Interest Noticeboard. He created the Conflict of Interest Noticeboard.

This administrator, Jossi Fresco, is a longtime student of Prem Rawat - formerly Guru Maharaj Ji - the India-born spiritual leader who styled himself as the "Perfect Master" and fostered a worldwide religious movement encouraging followers to call him "Lord of the Universe." (more...)

Uno scoop del britannico The Register: sembra sia stato trovato un conflitto di interessi tra Wikipedia - di cui non mi sono mai comunque fidato - e il suo amministratore, Jossie Fresco, seguace del fondatore del movimento culturale «Lord of the Universe». Anzi: Prem Rawat (nella foto qui sopra) è il Signore dell’Universo.

La lunga inchiesta di The Register conclude che non si può fare nulla per questo conflitto di interessi culturali. Sembra addirittura che Fresco abbia scritto e modificato ad hoc la pagina sul Signore dell’Universo. Come ripeto da tempo: non fidarsi di Wikipedia. Così possiamo fregarcene dei conflitti d’interessi.
domenica 10 febbraio 2008

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